Inspired by Heroes

"Cosplayers have been inspired by their own heroes, and in some way, they are now inspiring others. "

Discover the cosplayer

and the person behind the mask

Because there is a human being behind the mask, Inspired by Heroes is before everything, a project meant to show the talents of those artists, but also the pain, the failures and all the things they had to go through.

The key of everything is motivation and hard work. Anyone can become anything, as long as they believe in themself,.

An open international artist gathering

we all share the same passion

Cosplay is an art. And as an art, everyone is allowed to express himself through it, in any kind of way. Cosplayer are human masterpiece working on their own appearance to make it like they want to shift it. There is an infinity of skills that you can masterize to be a good cosplayer : sewing, armor crafting, make up, fitness, and many more.

Inspired by Heroes is making different focus on all those kind of artists around the world and through the lens of different talented photographers.

being a part of Inspired by Heroes

to share different talents, different stories

Every artist is rich of his own experience, we don't believe that some deserves more than others. But our team is investing time to share interesting and new content. We are basing our first choices on the reliability of the artists working with us. We are trying to launch something new, so it requires from everybody to be volunteer and motivated to create results. 

Our second choices are based on the experience of the artist. We are interested into sharing people from different cultures, different ages, different popularities... We will continue to propose more and more artists in the future. 

creation of a new line of products

to directly support all the artists taking part in the process

We decided to created new lines of products : some specific to one artist (autographs, posters...), some gathering more artists (book, calendars...).  Each products founds are made with the work of Cospro, the model and the photographer (it can also includes other artists, like make-up artists or cameramen). So the benefits of the sells are equaly splited between the model, the photographer and Cospro to support everyone's work in the process.

Also, we are releasing some products to see if you like it, and the more an artist will sell, the more we will invest to create new products related to this artist. So don't hesitate to like and support the work of this artist on the store, if you want to see more about him or her.